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What’s the difference between a typical well and an above average well? In many cases, the answer is IPT.

We drill the technical limit and work to optimize all activities associated with the drilling process.

Each step in a well construction, beginning with the well plan and drilling through how it is completed and produced, can impact the outcome. IPT’s well completion consultants have studied these linkages and use them to develop Pivotal Solutions that provide continuity throughout the well design process.

IPT’s integrated approach combines our knowledge of completions, wellbore configuration, hydraulic fracture stimulation and reservoir producing mechanisms to maximize the production response of oil and gas wells at an optimized cost.

At A Glance

  • IPT has adopted a philosophy of drilling the technical limit
  • Specialized software enables effective horizontal well plans to be executed in highly developed existing fields
  • Batch drilling in the DJ Basin dramatically reduces time, spud to spud
  • Sourcing of “fit-for-purpose” equipment for clients ensures optimal performance
  • Pushing equipment to its safe limits to put more power to the bit
  • Rigorous testing of components and inspections to assure integrity
  • Incentive based contracts to drive contractor behavior
Thomas Metzger, Manager, Sovereign Energy LLC…

“IPT has completed every well Sovereign Energy LLC ever drilled, including all the drilling and completion activities of Colton LLC since Sovereign acquired Colton in 2006. Outsourcing this important component of our business to IPT has freed up our time to concentrate on business development and acquisitions. Sovereign and Colton rely upon IPT as if they were in-house.”