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Experience, Innovation and Value

A Culture of Continuous Improvement

IPT was started in 1991 by Billy Aud, a Professional Engineer and a Texas A&M Petroleum Engineering graduate, as a production company, but quickly evolved into an independent petroleum consulting firm. Since that time, the company has experienced growth in many areas, but most importantly, in our understanding of petroleum engineering technologies and what it takes to get the maximum response from a well.

Over the past 20-plus years, IPT has been committed to the performance of ongoing integrated studies, creating a database that contains information from over 60,000 total well completions. Every reservoir evaluation, pressure transient test, stress test, fracture treatment diagnostic and hydraulic fracture stimulation treatment analysis is easily accessible and is routinely used in our engineering procedures. This gives our clients access to all of those outcomes, and more importantly, access to the expertise and experience that accompanies them.

While IPT was developing into a leading independent consulting firm, Peterson Energy was providing cost-effective engineering, drilling and completion solutions to oil and gas companies of all sizes. Founded in 1989 by Colorado School of Mines petroleum engineering graduate Andy Peterson, Peterson Energy steadily built its reputation through industry innovation backed by integrity and superior service.

The New IPT

In 2012, these two successful companies joined forces creating the most vertically integrated independent solutions company in the industry. The new IPT embodies the core strengths of each independent company and multiplies these strengths by integrating these distinct disciplines to provide clients value across the whole breadth of our services. Add to this the incorporation of communication networks, highly efficient back office support and state-of-the-art training, plus a safety culture that values people, environment and property, and what you have is a company that truly is pivotal.