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In today’s high-cost operating environments, maximizing the effectiveness of everything that is done throughout a well’s life is critical to ensure that ROI goals are met.

This is true from conception through completion of a well. IPT’s unique assembly of skilled professionals puts experienced experts at your disposal throughout a well’s life.

  • Well placement and planning are critical issues in wildcat wells all the way through high density multi-well pad development drilling. IPT experts deliver performance in all areas.
  • Selecting the right partners and equipment are key to insuring efficiencies are maintained at high levels.
  • Modern completions are complex and require the coordination of many different operations. IPT’s well site supervisors are experienced at managing the process and delivering performance.
  • IPT stimulation specialists work with service providers and operators to make certain that what is designed is what is delivered downhole.
  • Post-job analysis and production look-backs are integral to the development of long term improvements in treatment designs and optimizations.