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IPT engineers have expertise and extensive experience in studying well completions, hydraulic fracture stimulations, diagnostic testing and production analysis, creating a firm basis of reservoir understanding.

What makes IPT unique to our clients is our ability to bring every facet of a completion together to create integrated, unique solutions that help you succeed. This reservoir understanding allows IPT to develop value based designs that optimize dollars spent throughout the completion process.

IPT reconciles reservoir models with frac models to accurately reflect reservoir parameters that are unique to each completion. We make the model fit the data.

At A Glance

Production Performance Analysis

Completion and Fracture Treatment Evaluation

  • Evaluation of fluid chemistry and testing
  • Pressure response evaluation
  • Proppant effectiveness (When does proppant crush occur?)
  • Packer isolation effectiveness (when applicable)
  • Ball hit analysis (when applicable)

Optimized Horizontal Well Completion Design

  • Entry point spacing/fracture half-length optimization
  • Production predictions
  • Nodal analysis

Diagnostic Fracture Injection Test (DFIT) Analysis

(Is there a way reservoir properties of a well can be accurately identified?)

  • Estimates of permeability-thickness
  • Verification of fracturing character
  • Identification of near field stresses (fracture complexity or induced stress)

Pressure Transient Analysis via Multiple Means

  • Analytical well test analysis software
  • Gridded finite-difference reservoir simulation
  • Completely unique results