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In today’s highly competitive, highly variable marketplace, service providers oftentimes deliver inconsistent performance… between crews, between camps and sometimes even between shifts.

Compounded with this is the fact that, in many cases, operators utilize more than one service provider to meet their requirements. All of this leads to increased variability in outcomes when what operators are striving for is consistency. This is where IPT can help.

With our Operations and Technical Assessment service, we offer operators insights into their overall operations focusing on:

  • Operational setups and logistics planning
  • Human interactions between operating company personnel and service providers
  • Fluid consistency and testing monitoring
  • Materials management monitoring
  • Understanding how the teams on location cope with non-standard job aspects
  • Reporting
  • Safety considerations
  • Post-job activities
  • Ticket reconciliation

These assessments are made in a passive, observational mode by our most seasoned professionals. The final outcome is a comprehensive report that covers all aspects of your operations observed while we are on location, giving you valuable insights into how things are really getting done.

Trust IPT to be unbiased and professional and to provide reports that are comprehensive in scope. With everything else going on, it’s good to have someone who “is in the know” watching over it. And if needed, IPT also has the personnel to assist in delivering consistency across all variables should that become one of your conclusions.